October 24, 2021

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Best demo lawyers put together, get to the level, place purchasers initial

J. Layne Smith

Just lately, I did a judicial job interview with Trial Advocate Quarterly. I assumed I’d share my responses to queries from major trial attorneys in Florida.

1. What is the most prevalent trait you see in attorneys who you consider to be the best in their respective fields?

The best demo attorneys choose delight in their function, really like to compete, and put their shoppers 1st. They get ready, get to the point, and current as considerate, good, and sincere. Standard people can relate to them, and they hardly ever overreach.    

2. What normal advice would you give a younger legal professional who is up from a discourteous or overbearing opposing counsel?

Continue to be experienced and defuse volatile predicaments. When responding, be organization and polite. Do not do everything you are not able to comfortably reveal to the Chief Justice. Men and women recognize how you address absolutely everyone, together with opposing counsel. Don’t forget, jurors resent bickering lawyers, so behave.