January 26, 2023

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COMIC: What Happens To Teens Caught Shoplifting?


Panel 1: A blob wearing a wintertime hat and puffy jacket stands above a pile of objects with tags on them, as if they’ve just fallen out of the jacket. Another blob appears to be like on, hands on hips, on the lookout offended. The imagined bubble coming from the character caught red-handed says: “What takes place if I get caught shoplifting?” 

Panel 2: Four colorful blobs stand all over, all holding or carrying sun shades with tags nonetheless on them. Two of them store from a sun shades rack, and some disguise eyeglasses at the rear of their backs. The textual content previously mentioned says: “It may seem like no significant deal. Right after all, retail providers are overflowing in unsold items currently. But shoplifting is a criminal offense. Place these sun shades back again and listen up.” 

Panel 3: The same blob character in the puffy jacket and hat is observed, on the remaining, grabbing a rectangular object and searching shiftily powering them. On the suitable, the blob character is seen leaving a constructing with a indication that suggests “STORE,” with the rectangular object nestled underneath the puffy jacket. The textual content above suggests: “Shoplifting legislation range by point out. Commonly, shoplifting is when you deliberately consider retail store assets or goods for your personal use with no spending.” 

Panel 4: A spherical blob character is proven on the still left stashing an merchandise into their bag. On the base of the panel, one more blob is keeping out a credit card and expressing, “Just demand it below.” Down below the blob it suggests, “Boss’s card, only for get the job done purchases, which this is not.” On the appropriate is yet another blob character who is holding a price tag tag powering their back again that suggests “$100” whilst also keeping out an merchandise and stating to the clerk, “The selling price tag fell off, but I know it was only $10.” Above the pictures is the text: “‘Without paying’ can necessarily mean: 

  • Not paying out the acquire price 
  • Charging the acquire price to another person else without having their permission 
  • Applying a trick to pay out fewer than the genuine price” 

Panel 5: The blob character in the puffy jacket and hat is pushing a very entire grocery cart as an angry blob in the length yells, “HEY! Did you fork out for any of that?” Earlier mentioned, the textual content claims: “Penalties generally count on your preceding criminal record and the value of the stolen home. Mainly, the extra you get, the worse problems you will be in. If you’re a minimal (underneath 18), your case will probably be read in juvenile court.” 

Panel 6: The textual content claims: “Punishment can include: 

  • Restitution payments 
  • Probation 
  • Participation in an academic program 
  • Community service” 

The photographs on the panel consist of a blob character sitting in a classroom studying, a different character buying up a letter, and a document that shows cash that wants to be repaid in restitution. 

Panel 7: A choose at the rear of a large courtroom bench says in a phrase bubble: “You are sentenced to six months in juvenile detention.” A unfortunate-looking blob, seems to be on, bowing their head. The text over says: “For critical scenarios (you are a repeat offender or a person was injured in the course of the shoplifting), you could be sentenced to a juvenile detention facility.” 

Panel 8: Two significant blobs seem stunned and aghast at a doc that suggests, “NOTICE: YOU ARE Staying SUED.” One claims, “But it was our Child, not US, that shoplifted!” The text higher than says: “Shoplifting could also direct to civil penalties. If any person is wounded for the duration of the shoplifting, the sufferer could sue you or your mothers and fathers or guardians.” 

Panel 9: A rectangular school building with arms and legs appears to be angrily at a sheepish-seeking blob character. The faculty states, “No additional sporting activities for you!” Above, the text claims: “And dependent on your school’s code of conduct, your shoplifting cost could have effects at college, which includes irrespective of whether you can participate in sporting activities and extracurricular activities.” 

Panel 10: A relatives of blobs sits at a dining table, with plates and bowls of meals, including a turkey. One particular blob is found aiding themself to far more mashed potatoes. The text higher than suggests: “So this Black Friday Period, the only point you need to ‘take’ is a second helping of mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving.” 

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