December 3, 2022

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Electronic Monitoring: What Employers Need to Know about Developing a Written Policy

Electronic Monitoring: What Employers Need to Know about Developing a Written Policy

On July 13, 2022, the Governing administration of Ontario revealed a chapter in its information to the Work Expectations Act (“ESA”) on the not long ago legislated prerequisite for employers to build a published plan on digital checking. “Electronic monitoring” includes all sorts of employee checking that is done electronically. The reason of this new need is for employers to be clear about irrespective of whether they electronically keep an eye on workers by describing how and in what circumstances they watch and by stating the uses for which the facts obtained may possibly be utilised.

Down below we have summarized the demands and vital contents of the electronic monitoring coverage and have presented essential takeaways.


Due to the fact coming into drive on April 11, 2022, businesses who electronically observe its workforce and employed 25 or much more employees in Ontario on January 1, 2022 must put into action a penned digital monitoring coverage by Oct 11, 2022. Starting in 2023, companies with 25 or far more employees on January 1 of any yr will have to have a created coverage in place in advance of March 1 of that 12 months.

When identifying how quite a few staff members an employer has on January 1 of any year, it should incorporate component-time and casual staff members, not just total-time workforce. The amount of employees should also include things like staff from all of the employer’s places in Ontario. Assignment workers of short-term assist companies are workers of the company, not of the agency’s clients.

If, on January 1 of a given 12 months, an employer does not fulfill the 25 employee threshold, this will be assumed for the remaining calendar yr, even if the staff rely raises at a later on point that 12 months. This indicates that the ESA requirement for a composed policy on electronic checking will not apply.

If, on January 1 of a offered calendar year, an employer employs 25 or more staff members, then the ESA necessity will implement for the remaining calendar calendar year, even if the personnel rely decreases at a afterwards stage that year.


An employer’s written plan on electronic monitoring of workers is not necessary to be the very same for all of its staff, as prolonged as it contains the adhering to facts:

  1. A statement as to no matter whether the employer engages in electronic checking of workers.
  2. In which the employer does electronically check personnel, the coverage will have to also incorporate the next info:
    • A description of how the employer might electronically check employees.
    • A description of the situation in which the employer may electronically keep an eye on personnel.
    • The needs for which info attained via electronic checking could be used by the employer.
  3. The date the policy was geared up and the date any changes were made to the policy.

An employer’s penned coverage ought to be presented to all employees inside of 30 calendar days of the working day the employer is needed to have the plan in put or the day the current coverage is being changed. Companies could deliver the coverage to staff members as a printed copy as an attachment to an e-mail if the worker can print a copy or as a website link to the document online if the staff has a realistic possibility to obtain the document and a printer.

Vital Takeaways

Although an employer’s composed plan need to contain the reasons for which it may possibly use data received as a result of electronic monitoring, the ESA does not limit the employer’s use of the details to the mentioned reasons.

A grievance can only be designed by an staff to the ministry, or be investigated by an employment expectations officer, where by there is an alleged contravention of the employer’s obligation to deliver a duplicate of the prepared plan in just the expected timeframe to its personnel. This ESA necessity does not set up a right for workers not to be electronically monitored by their employer, nor does it build any new privateness rights for employees.

For 2022, companies engaged in electronic checking and assembly the 25 worker threshold on January 1, 2022 must commence building their plan before the Oct 11, 2022 deadline. Thereafter, on January 1 of any 12 months, the composed coverage have to be carried out by March 1 of that year. The plan must comprise all of the demanded data mentioned over and have to be shipped to all workers in the ideal structure and inside of the required timeframe. A duplicate of every prepared coverage need to be retained for a few years soon after the plan is no for a longer time in effect.

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