January 26, 2023

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Ganahl Just Makes Stuff Up About Fentanyl On FOX News

We took note late last Friday of a new advert running from Republican CD-8 congresssional prospect Barb Kirkmeyer that falsely and frequently promises Colorado Democrats “legalized fentanyl,” a declare that has completely no basis in truth soon after legislation handed this 12 months in Colorado drastically tightening penalties for possession of the drug. Previous to this year, illicit possession of compact quantities of fentanyl without the need of intent to distribute was a misdemeanor, but at no point has the drug ever been “legalized.” Despite a connect with for Kirkmeyer to pull this openly fake advert down, it reportedly continues to be in significant circulation in the district as of right now.

Not to be outdone, GOP candidate for governor Hiedi Heidi Ganahl appeared on FOX Business enterprise yesterday, proudly displaying off her no-longer-offensive “Mad Mom” tagline and telling uncritical host Maria Bartiromo that, as you can see in the headline of the tale, Gov. Jared Polis “decriminalized fentanyl.”

Colorado’s guidelines on the possession of fentanyl dominated a important portion of this year’s session of the Colorado Basic Assembly. Sen. Kirkmeyer, who was present for the debate in excess of this year’s monthly bill cracking down on fentanyl possession, is entirely knowledgeable that Colorado has not at any issue “legalized fentanyl.” Though Ganahl wasn’t in the legislature this yr, we really don’t accept the notion that she simply misspoke on countrywide tv when she falsely claimed that Gov. Polis “decriminalized fentanyl.”

In both circumstances, these candidates should be judged to be willfully lying with complete information of the reality. Not all dishonesty is produced equal, and politics is total of illustrations of spinning details to fit an agenda. In the situation of Republicans boasting Democrats “legalized” or “decriminalized” fentanyl in Colorado, if you have an understanding of more than enough about the challenge to articulate these promises you can not be excused by ignorance for lying.

In previous elections in this article in Colorado, overtly bogus promises of this kind had been fulfilled with a vigorous reaction from media simple fact-checkers, exterior activist groups, not to point out the aggrieved strategies all clamoring to assure that the lie does not take root to turn into persistent mythology. In 2022, for whatsoever rationale, Republicans are having a pass to tell indefensible lies about fentanyl policy that would not have been allowed to flow into unchallenged in prior elections.

We hope this lie does not work–because if it does, as Donald Trump has taught us, lying is the new standard.