January 26, 2023

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How Much Wealth The One Percent Dominates In Different Countries, Visualized

This year’s Worldwide Wealth Report by Credit history Suisse has illuminated the wealth inequality that persists around the globe. While the share of worldwide prosperity held by the wealthiest a person percent fell to (a still very higher) 43 % in 2008, that determine was again up to pretty much 46 percent in 2021.

Using the report’s results, Statista visualized the share of wealth held by the richest a single percent in distinct countries in 2000 and 2021.

Past yr, prior to its invasion of Ukraine, Russia had the optimum concentration of prosperity held by the just one % globally. In 2021, the wealthiest just one percent of Russians dominated virtually 60 p.c of the nation’s complete prosperity.

In next is Brazil, where by the population’s richest a person percent held nearly fifty percent of the country’s wealth.

In accordance to the report, Japan and France are two of the the very least unequal G20 economies, with the share of prosperity held by their richest inhabitants getting lessened around the earlier 20 several years.