October 23, 2021

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I appreciate my relative but I’m horrified by his actions

Expensive Amy: I have been invited to a loved ones party. A person of the other visitors, a relative, was just lately arrested for possessing baby pornography.

Amy Dickinson 

I want to make it very very clear that, as far as I know, he has not bodily abused any children.

My spouse refuses to attend.

I’ve acknowledged this male my whole everyday living. I have generally favored him. Naturally, I was stunned, confused and disgusted when I uncovered out the situation encompassing his unsuccessful suicide attempt.

I am attempting to wrap my head all around how I can separate my really like for a relatives member when they carry this kind of a horrific record/circumstance/illness.

I am inquiring you this problem (as a substitute of a different relatives member) due to the fact I do not know who in my family understands what. I do not assume it is my duty to share this information with anyone (especially considering the fact that there will not be any small children attending the affair).