February 7, 2023

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In The World of Science – Follow The Money

In The World of Science - Follow The Money

“This is not just about conserving uncommon species,” stated Tony Juniper.

“It’s about sustaining the web of life upon which humankind ultimately is dependent, for food items, h2o, wellness and climate regulation.”

Seems just a bit dramatic, doesn’t it?  Genuinely?  Severely?  All the things is going to occur crashing down about our ears?

Oh, pricey Lord, then let’s throw every thing we have at the problem lest it basically all occur crashing down around our ears.  Especially let’s throw income at folks learning this challenge – scads of income, tons of it, let us print the things up from vapor mainly because It is ALL Heading TO DIE!!!!!! (sarcasm inform)

What utter drivel.  The earth is infinitely adaptable, as are humans, and modify is inescapable.  This is nothing at all additional than the science model of “turn or burn” evangelism – you know, people outdated university preachers that would terrify you with tales of hellfire and brimstone until you committed to Christ and oh, by the way, donated to the plate.

The greatest dilemma I have with this drivel is the identical a single I have with TOB evangelism – it receives in the way of the actual detail – genuine science on species and genuine commitments to Christ.  It’s the pursuit of revenue standing in the way of the pursuit of real truth.

Third story:

The Biden administration on Saturday agreed to fork out local climate reparations to producing nations, a transfer that China—the world’s top rated emitter of greenhouse gases and one particular of its biggest economies—could profit from.

Administration officials emerged from the United Nations Weather Modify Convention in excess of the weekend with a international agreement to set up a “climate justice” fund that would see the United States and other wealthy nations spend developing international locations for “loss and damage” brought on by local climate transform.

Perfectly, this calls for no explanation – “science” reduced to the naked transfer of prosperity.

You hear so significantly about science schooling these days – largely we need to have it so people today can guard against having fleeced.