January 26, 2023

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Is There A Reduction Of Fighting In Ukraine?

Company members with the Ukrainian Army’s 24th Mechanized Brigade of King Danylo fire an artillery piece, as Russia’s attack on Ukraine continues, close to Bakhmut in Ukraine, December 3, 2022. REUTERS/ Leah Millis


Reuters: U.S. Expects Diminished Tempo in Ukraine Fighting to Carry on for Months 

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. intelligence expects the decreased tempo in combating in Ukraine to continue in the up coming many months and sees no evidence of a lowered Ukrainian will to resist, in spite of assaults on its power grid and other crucial winter season infrastructure, the Director of Countrywide Intelligence reported on Saturday. 

“We are looking at a variety of a minimized tempo currently of the conflict … and we assume that is probably to be what we see in the coming months,” Avril Haines told the annual Reagan Nationwide Protection Discussion board in California.

She stated the two the Ukrainian and Russian militaries would be on the lookout to attempt to refit and resupply to prepare for a counter-offensive immediately after the winter season, but there was a question as to what that would glance like, and included:


Study additional ….


Update: US Intelligence Main Predicts ‘Reduced Tempo’, Waning Morale Of Russian Forces Entering Winter season (Zero Hedge)


WNU Editor: I do not see a reduction in preventing. Nor do I anticipate a reduction in the coming months. Russia has about 700,000 soldiers in and close to Ukraine, and they are staying deployed to not waste time.