October 21, 2021

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Natasha Darcy instructed ‘lots of lies’

Murder accused Natasha Darcy made items even worse for herself by telling “lots and tons of lies” following the demise of her spouse Mathew Dunbar, a court has been explained to.

Her barrister Janet Manuell SC instructed jurors on Thursday they might assume Ms Darcy’s lies “weren’t extremely very good ones” but added folks lied for all sorts of explanations and it did not necessarily issue to her guilt.

Ms Darcy, 46, has pleaded not responsible to murdering Mr Dunbar by drugging him with a sedative milkshake blended in a Nutribullet and gassing him to loss of life with helium in his mattress.

Prosecutors allege she killed the 42-12 months-previous sheep farmer in the early hrs of August 2, 2017, and staged the scene to appear like a suicide in a bid to inherit his farm Pandora, then valued at $3.5 million.

Ms Darcy contends Mr Dunbar took his possess existence and has pointed to his record of despair, alleged struggles with his sexuality and financial problems, and a extreme calf an infection he experienced soon in advance of his demise.

In the months ahead of he died, hundreds of world-wide-web lookups similar to loss of life, suicide and murder have been recorded on Ms Darcy’s Iphone and the Pandora house laptop.

Ms Manuell reported there was proof of Ms Darcy telling law enforcement “lots and heaps of lies”, incorporating that men and women lie for all kinds of reasons: steering clear of difficulty, sensation unjustly accused, concern of staying prejudged.

“They could think that nobody’s likely to feel them,” she told the courtroom.

“Once you’ve told one particular lie you have acquired to retain telling a entire whole lot a lot more lies if you want to continue to keep up with the unique lie.

“Some individuals ’fess up to the original lie. Some folks don’t. And they just make issues worse and even worse and worse.

“And we say which is what occurred here. Ms Darcy had built matters worse and even worse for herself because of to the repeated lies she has advised.”

Her barrister Janet Manuell SC advised the NSW Supreme Courtroom on Thursday there ended up 12 factors the crown had not excluded the possibility Mr Dunbar had taken his have lifetime. These had been:

• Mr Dunbar’s history of depression.

• His claimed suicidal ideation in 2009 and June 2017.

• A look for recorded on the computer for “how to cease suicidal thoughts”, which Ms Manuell advised was manufactured by anyone suicidal.

• Proof Mr Dunbar ordered the helium tank at Supagas, it remaining unlikely he was “duped” into believing it was for a party at Pandora that weekend.

• The implausibility of Ms Darcy viewing a video clip depicting a system comparable to that made use of in Mr Dunbar’s dying although she sat subsequent to him at a Tamworth cafe.

• Timestamps suggesting Mr Dunbar was not employing his own mobile phone at the time the video clip was accessed on Ms Darcy’s telephone.

• The implausibility of Ms Darcy watching the educational online video at the cafe soon after the helium cylinder experienced currently been procured.

• A time period of time several hours prior to Mr Dunbar died where he could have organized the helium apparatus even though Ms Darcy took the cat to the vet.

• The elimination of a little portion of the helium cylinder, it getting tough to eliminate.

• Mr Dunbar’s DNA on sections of the helium gas equipment.

• Mr Dunbar’s DNA on sections of a rubber band made use of in the equipment.

• The implausibility of Mr Dunbar ingesting the alleged sedative milkshake that “must have been thick with pulverised tablets and … experienced all those people crunchy bits in it”.

Ms Manuell informed the jurors if they considered there was a “reasonable possibility” Mr Dunbar experienced killed himself, then they need to acquit Ms Darcy.

She reminded the jury Ms Darcy did not have to confirm just about anything and the crown experienced to demonstrate its circumstance beyond a realistic question.

“There’s no magic in individuals text,” she instructed the 11 jurors. “They indicate what they say.

“Everyone is entitled to a reasonable trial,” she claimed. “You, me, people we like and men and women we never like.”

As she pleaded not responsible to murder at the commencing of the trial, Ms Darcy told the court she was responsible of aiding and abetting Mr Dunbar’s suicide.

Justice Julia Lonergan instructed jurors on Thursday afternoon there was “no proof at all in the trial” that Ms Darcy experienced spoken to Mr Dunbar about him seeking to die by suicide.

There was evidence the couple gathered the helium collectively, the decide explained, but almost nothing to exhibit they experienced mentioned working with it for suicide.

She explained to the jurors they “must not speculate” about what Ms Darcy could possibly have reported if she had chosen to give evidence.

The trial carries on.