January 26, 2023

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Pre-Paid Legal Services – Home Business

Pre-paid Legal is the ONLY organization of its kind in America today. European citizens have, at least, an 80% participation in legal coverage. Prepaid legal is a great vehicle to accomplish this for those who choose to actively build their businesses. It is a real shame that some in this nation are not motivated to “get ahead” since welfare programs (for some) enable some to live a subsistence existence rather than strive for more. Prepaid Legal is the antithesis of those scams. Not only is this business opportunity an honest reputable home based business, but it also is very affordable at 99 dollars to get started in.

PPL does not want their associates to work online– they want you to travel to meetings, prospect in person, etc. They offer little or no online support and, if you don’t sign up a minimum amount of people within 6 months, they cancel your account (but not the contract you were forced to accept for their services) without warning or notice. PPL’s advocates have a tendency of blaming PPL’s barrage of negative press coverage on short-sellers of its stock (as opposed to the actual content of the negative press). In PPL’s defense, short selling is considered to be a questionable practice by many and there are plenty of abusive short sellers in the market.

Pre-Paid Legal boasts their “legal services plan.” The truth is that very few legal services are ever provided under the plan. If you have a criminal case, contrary to what you’ve been told, the plan is useless. However, they still have a product that everyone needs and could use at some point in their life. It would cost an average of $300.00 a year to be a member of this organization.

In conclusion, the PPL program does offer a nice product, but their compensation seems flawed. You really can’t make too much money in this business if that is what you are looking to do. Many people want to make money while working from home, rather than trying to solicit people off the street.