February 7, 2023

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San Angelo Standard-Times wins awards at Texas APME contest

The San Angelo Standard-Times earned numerous awards from the Texas Associated Press Managing Editors this week for its work in 2020.

The Standard-Times, a part of the USA Today Network, competed against Texas newspapers in the Class AA division — the second-smallest of four divisions — in the APME contest. Contest entries were judged by journalists from outside the state.

The awards were announced Tuesday, June 15.

The Standard-Times had a total of 18 honors across news, sports, photography, videography and online categories.

Here’s a look at some of the work that won awards:

Video longer than two minutes

First place: Colin Murphey

Judge’s comments: We chose this video for first place for good use of b-roll, music in the background, good text transitions and a nice variety of interviews from various sources. The images of the vacant town were very good. We liked the use of text translation of the speaker because it is hard to hear through the mask. Good wrap up at the end with a few sentences from each person interviewed. Well done!