October 23, 2021

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Sask. father who sexually abused teen daughter sentenced to 12.5 years

After her stepmom secretly recorded the last sexual assault in April, the girl revealed her father had been abusing her for three years.

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Warning: disturbing information 


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She knew the way her father touched her felt wrong, and she wanted him to stop. But the girl, now 16 years old, also thought it was an expression of his love.

“All I wanted was for you to love me, but you never did. I was never good enough,” the girl wrote in a victim impact statement read during her father’s sentencing hearing in Saskatoon provincial court.

“I’ve lost every bit of trust I had for you years ago, in the sense that you’ll always protect me from horrible people, but you were the horrible person.”

Court heard the 36-year-old man had been sexually abusing his daughter for about three years when she disclosed the abuse to her stepmother in April.

The father’s name can’t be reported because a court-ordered ban prevents the publishing of any information that could reasonably identify his young victims.

He pleaded guilty to sexual assault, making child pornography and incest involving his daughter, sexual interference against his 16-year-old stepdaughter and sexual assault against another 15-year-old relative. 

On Monday, he received a global sentence of 12.5 years in prison after Judge Brent Klause accepted a joint submission from the Crown and defence.

“Incest is one of the most deplorable acts you can commit upon a human being. It’s beyond disgusting,” Klause told the man.

He choked up as he spoke to the girl.

“You’ve done nothing wrong, ever, okay? The total blame rests with your father, who took advantage of your innocence and your trust. So you have to take that with you today.”


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According to the facts presented in court, the victim’s father began inappropriately cuddling and touching her when she was 13 years old. It soon escalated to rape.

“She’d say ‘it hurts’ and he didn’t care. At some point, she gave up fighting because it was easier to accept what was happening to her. She didn’t know how to tell people,” Crown prosecutor Linh Lê said.

As the abuse became more frequent, the girl said her father would get her high, introduce her to pornography and sex toys, send her nude photos and make her do the same.

He isolated her from other family members, which made her stepmother — the offender’s wife — suspicious, court heard.

She confronted her stepdaughter after secretly recording the last sexual assault. The girl eventually told her, and police, about the abuse that started in 2018 while her stepmom wasn’t home, and continued until the day before her father’s arrest in April.

The man told police that his daughter initiated the sexual relationship, and that it wasn’t incest.

“He stated that their relationship is acceptable because at least (she) is not coming home impregnated by someone else,” Lê said.

After the daughter disclosed her abuse, her stepsister revealed that she was also abused when she was 16 and 17 years old. She said the offender told her nobody would believe her because she was a “slut,” and that he could rape her and dispose of her body without anyone knowing, court heard.

Soon, police learned of a third victim — a young cousin of the man’s former wife. She told police that the offender would give her weed and have sex with her during rural driving lessons when she was 15.


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Again, the man told police it was the victim’s fault, calling her a “party animal” who he could imagine being an escort, according to the facts.

Legal Aid lawyer Val Harvey said her client knows what he did was wrong. He has no substance abuse issues, and no prior criminal record, court heard. Appearing by phone because of COVID-19 concerns, the man cried while apologizing.

Klause said he wished the offender was physically in the courtroom.

“I quite prefer to see the whites of people’s eyes when I sentence them. I don’t believe I can look into your soul; I’m not sure you have one,” Klause told the man, noting he could have received an 18-year sentence if he’d gone to trial.

In court, the man’s sister said she used to wonder how people could be so clueless about familial abuse.

“I get it now, as you’re the monster we never suspected.”

The man will be on the sex offender registry for the rest of his life and cannot contact his victims or anyone under 16, unless supervised, for 10 years after his release.

The Saskatoon Sexual Assault and Information Centre’s Crisis Line can be reached at 306-244-2224.

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