February 7, 2023

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What Skills do You Need to Be a Lawyer?

<strong>What Skills do You Need to Be a Lawyer?</strong>

If you have ever considered entering the field of law and becoming a practicing lawyer, you will probably be aware that a whole host of specific skills are needed in order to succeed. Clearly all applicants need to possess a strong academic ability to be proficient in this field of work. This article explores three key skills that are needed in practicing lawyers so that they can perform to the best of their ability. 

In Brief

Firstly, it is of paramount importance to gain the qualifications needed to practice. A law degree is required, and this can take three years to complete if undertaken on a full-time basis. After gaining a degree, it may be the case that time spent in law school is required depending on the direction of career choice, and the bar exam will need to be taken to practice law in a specific jurisdiction. 

Strong research skills

All lawyers must have highly developed research skills. Firstly, this will allow them to gain all relevant and accurate information from the client that they will be representing. A full set of facts that can be backed up with evidence are vital for the lawyer to represent the client accurately and effectively. Lawyers will often cite precedents in law. This is where a court hearing has taken place with similar circumstances to the client, and the judgments issued from the previous hearing may set a precedent for the outcome of the current court case. Lawyers must gather all evidence in a meaningful and clear format to effectively present the case. Today a vital part of any lawyers equipment is a lightweight laptop, such as the range of Convertible 2 In 1 Laptops. This tech allows the lawyer to research case histories online and keep detailed client notes thoroughly. The portability of such equipment also allows fully mobile working when researching information and collating evidence from clients.

Confident public speaking

All lawyers must present evidence to the court in a clear and coherent manner. It is vital for any lawyer to be confident when it comes to public speaking. In many court hearings, a public jury will be present who will listen intently to both legal teams and ultimately make the decision on the verdict of the case. Lawyers must be able to present the facts of any case in a compelling and clear manner. As a result of this vital skill, many students who choose a university degree in law seek to join debating societies to improve their public speaking skills.

Attention to detail

In any complex legal case, there will be a large volume of documents that will be used as supporting evidence. A highly proficient lawyer will be able to condense the key pieces of information from a range of documents and evidence that serves to support the client. Important facts from a range of information may form arguments on behalf of the client that have a crucial effect on the outcome of the court proceedings. As a result, all lawyers need to have an exceptional eye for detail and the ability to take pertinent pieces of information from a range of sources in order to build a strong and effective case.